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About Fully Insured

Who is Fully Insured Pty Ltd?

We are a South Australian owned business, dealing nationally across the country. We operate our business as an authorized representative of PSC Insurance Broking, another great Australian owned business. PSC are recognised as a leading advisor and provider of risk financing, insurance, risk management and claims management solutions to clients both nationally and internationally.

Owned by a former senior manager of an insurance business for 14 years, and with the strength and knowledge of the PSC Insurance Group supporting us, Fully Insured have access to the insurance markets and the skills required for all types of complex business risks.

Yes, we are a small business, however we plan on growing fast, employing more Australians, this will only occur if Australians support Australians.

We feel that given the events of the past year has really highlighted why all Australian businesses should be supporting each other.

Support Fully Insured to grow and employ more Australians, and we will provide you with competitive insurance and quality insurance.

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