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Whats the difference? Home Insurance versus using my home as a AirBnB

Short term rentals online agencies have presented opportunities for many Australians to earn some extra income.  Whilst this is great, do you have the correct home insurance to cover this sideline money spinner?

There is many ways to access this opportunity via online booking sites such as AirBnb, Stayz, Homeaway,, Expedia and many more.

It is important to check with your insurer that they cover “Short Term Rentals”  as this type of sideline business changes the risk to the insurer significantly, so understandably some insurers will not protect this risk.

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Why do Insurers charge more for my home if I do Short Term Stays?

When the insurer rates how much they are going to charge you for your home insurance, they look at the risk for fire, storm, the construction of the building, and factor in the risk of you having visitors socially and the associated risk of is a visitor possibly tripping and potentially a law suit from such events. Generally, this is low risk.

When you start having visitors you don’t know, visiting much more often than a normal home, the risk of strangers trashing your home, the risk of something failing and these visitors may want to sue you, this really is opening you up to potential exposure more like a business than just a home insurance policy.

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